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Poster for Gary Baseman

This was such a fun project! Both because I love posters and because Gary Baseman was a joy to work with. He was going to give a lecture at the University of Kansas and I was the student selected to create the announcement for his talk. He and I spoke on the phone a bit so that I could get a better sense of his personality and then he faxed me a bunch of illustrations. He also wrote a cute note asking me to come up with something cool.

I decided that the poster had to be pretty bold, much like his style. So I chose two separate illustrations and superimposed them in different colors.



The final touch was Gary's signature. I asked him to fax me both his signature and a sentence that he thought captured what his work was all about. I decided to use his handwriting to give the poster a more "Baseman flair." Et voila! I silkscreened around 150 posters in red and black.

Gary liked the result so much that he submitted the work to Communication Arts and it got selected for their Illustration Annual!